We are

In 2013 we founded the company animated from the desire to express our point of view inside the indipendent eyewear marketplace. Born as a creative agency after some years we decided to take advantage of our competences with our passion for design and fashion. A game started by chance has become a purpose. We dream, produce and commercialize our eyewear worldwide thanks to an increasing partnership network.

The glasses we wear

say a lot about

who we are


The inspiration of our collection comes from the past; During the years eyewear that have been produced and distributed had acquired such a stylistic flow in order to define the story of this iconic object, a story meant like the ability to relate the decade in which they have been created. So we are constantly looking for a reference of executive and productive techniques revisiting stylistic mood in a contemporary way, trying to create a product that could tell the contemporaneity of today also in the future.